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Private Sessions

Practicing Yoga

As we age our bodies get stiffer and less mobile. 

The key to aging feeling great starts with practices designed to meet where you are in your body and mind.

These days going to a yoga class can be intimidating and injurious when not led properly.

In my 20+ years teaching yoga, yoga therapy and meditation I know how to tailor classes to my clients specific needs.

Our private sessions consist of creating the specific practice for your body, your mobility and flexibility as well as your goals. 

With the expert care of a Certified Yoga Therapist, like Ellen Patrick, you will be guided to not only maintain, but improve upon how you look, move, and most importantly how you feel.

 Schedule your free 15 minute consultation - please click here to email me. 

What our work consists of:

  • Identifying your personal goals

  • Assessing any injuries or limitations

  • Creating a specific practice to cater your needs and desires

  • Designing a yoga and meditation to support your daily routine

Pink Gradient

"I was telling my husband last night how comfortable I felt in your presence since the very beginning of my recovery from chemo/radiation. Yesterday's class lifted me up emotionally and my energy also jumped a notch, thanks to your guidance." - Carole H | Cancer Thriver

Benefits of Private Sessions:

  • Specialized and customized

  • Therapeutically oriented sessions

  • Personal attention to your needs

  • Sessions are body and mind oriented

  • At your convenience

  • All your questions answered

  • Great for all experience levels

Image by Annie Spratt
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