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Stressed Woman

Learn tools to navigate these uncertain just 2 weeks!

No doubt, the last several years of the pandemic, social unrest, political division, the economy, climate change, etc. have covered many people with a wet blanket of worry, concern, anxiety, and sleepless nights!


If you feel the heaviness of that weight, you are not alone!

LIVE & Online

Participate from anywhere!

Tuesday, 11/29 & Thursday, 12/1 from 7:00 - 8:00pm ET
Tuesday, 12/6 & Thursday, 12/8 from 7:00 - 8:00pm ET
4 sessions for $100

Includes recordings and private Facebook group


According to the CDC, since the start of the Pandemic, 28.1% of American adults have self-reported symptoms of anxiety and 22.4% are feeling depressed. 

Lift that wet, heavy blanket and EMPOWER yourself to lighten your load.  In just 2 weeks/4 sessions, you will gain enough tools to cultivate tranquility, serenity and a good night’s sleep! 

"I look forward to Ellen's meditation sessions.  They bring me peace of mind and calmness.  They help me stay focused.  Meditation slows down my mind so I can concentrate better.  The techniques I have learned from Ellen's sessions have given me the tools to work through challenging life experiences."  -- Steve S.

"The past couple of years have been bewildering, to say the least.  It's led me on an interesting journey and has resulted in my attending many Minfulness Meditation classes lead by Ellen.  I've learned a great deal about being mindful in my relationships with others and Ellen provides mindful tools to navigate these, sometimes, uncertain times.  The techniques she teaches for developing kindness and compassion for yourself and others are priceless.  I know I have benefited immensely from the time spent with her."           --Will J.

Here Ellen Patrick talks about her inspiration for creating this empowering program and her own struggles with anxiety.



  • Worry over a worldwide deadly disease

  • Social unrest

  • Loss of employment

  • Inflation

  • Supply chain interruptions

  • Degradation of the environment

  • Increased crime

Can you see how these crazy times can affect you on a day-to-day basis?

According to the American Medical Association

“History has shown that the mental health impact of disaster outlasts the physical impact, suggesting that today’s elevated mental health need will continue well beyond the coronavirus outbreak itself.” 


We are all feeling the effects of these extraordinary times;  sleepless nights; fear; worry; pain; dis-ease; etc.  These symptoms can affect your quality of life.


Instead, imagine going through your day with a calm mind, focus and energy, trusting you’ve got what it takes to navigate the day’s challenges and enhance your well-being

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is an ancient tool that has withstood the test of time.  It  has been proven, scientifically, to change the brain and create healthy pathways to joy and happiness.

 Young Woman Contemplating


This is a LIVE & Online program that takes place in 4 sessions over a 2-week period for just $100…yet the resulting sense of well-being is priceless and can last your whole lifetime.


Don’t let yourself be weighed down by circumstances beyond your control.  You do have influence on how you think; how to turn off the “stress response”;  and create habits that are productive. 

Let me be your guide.

My promise is if you don’t feel this program EMPOWERING, you will receive a full refund!!

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