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Mindfulness Meditation

So many people are under the assumption that they can't meditate because their minds are too busy.  We'll I'm here to welcome you to the human race!  All our minds are busy.  That is the nature of the mind.  But, through the discipline of meditation we gain "freedom from the tyranny of the mind!"  We come to understand how our minds work and, more importantly, we befriend ourselves.  This is why I practice and teach Mindfulness Meditation!

Mindfulness meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition with a twist of modern psychology.  It teaches us to be more patient, compassionate and less judgemental.

I firmly believe, if more people meditated, the world would be a kinder and more peaceful place in which to exist.

Practices include topics such as loving-kindness, forgiveness, self-compassion and gratitude. You will develop a better relationship with yourself and will thrive in your relationships with others.

Mindfulness meditation classes are facilitated to anchor practitioners in the present moment while developing a friendly and compassionate relationship with the workings of the mind. 

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