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Yoga vs. Prescription Meds

Recently, the NBC "Today" show produced a segment posing the question, "Are Americans an overprescribed "pill nation'"? Accordng to this report, the government estimates 2.1 million Americans are addicted to prescription medications: 1.4 million are treated annually for overdoses; and the Centers for Disease Control estimates 22,000 Americans die every year from prescription drug overdoses. The most commonly misused prescriptions are for pain, sleep, depression and anxiety.

In many cases, medications are necessary and life-saving, but self-help techniques can reduce or eliminate the continuing need for prescriptions, as well as, trips to the emergency room as a result of misuse. These techniques include yoga and yoga therapy, which can free us from painful, dysfunctionial moverment patterns. Breathing techniques that may release anxiety by relaxing the nervous system and inviting a good night's sleep. And meditation can lift us out of dysfunctional thoughts and feelings. Why not add yoga to your prescription for health and well-being?

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